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Intuitive, maximizes the time you work with her by being very efficient with getting to the root of what needs to be worked on and giving notes succinctly. Gives great insight too because she is an actor herself. Was encouraging. Hannah was super helpful! Will definitely work with her again.

Katelyn L.

Hannah is the absolute best! She's done two of my acting reels now and both times I'm been super happy with the result and it's a quick turnaround. As a working actor, Hannah is so generous with all she has to offer other actors on their journey. Couldn't recommend enough!

Bre J.

Hannah was such a pleasure to work with! Finding and working through a monologue can be so stressful, but she makes it exciting and fun. She encouraged me to go with my instincts, but also provided new perspectives and insight to my monologue that I hadn’t yet explored. Would love to work with her again!

Bashany G. 

Had a very delightful time with my consultation session! It was to the point and came away from it with a solid game plan for what to do for my acting career. It was very helpful as Hannah has made the transition from theatre to film and all that comes with that. I'm in the same boat and it was very helpful to hear from her experience!

Mary M. 

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