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Career Consultation

Are you new to the acting world, or a seasoned actor who needs another set of eyes on their career and guidance for some new goals? Do you want to go from point A to point B in your career? Let me help! As a professional actor of 12 years, plus with years of experience working as an assistant to a top talent manager and behind the scenes of a top rated acting school, I can help you create goals for your career and navigate the Chicago acting industry or the industry in general. We'll talk goals, auditions, agents, and the biz, and also do a full review of your acting toolbox (demo, headshots, and resume). One hour for $65.00. Virtual or in person!

Audition Coaching

Got a self tape? An audition?

Let's work together and help your true self SHINE. Only $38.00 for 30 minutes or $78.00 for one hour. Can book up to an hour in advance! We'll work on trusting your instincts and making strong choices, nailing the text, and figuring out beats to enhance your work. If you're filming a self tape, I'll also be your reader. While we're at it, I'll even help you adjust your self tape set up to make sure you're set up for success! 

Agency Submission


Ready for an agent? Exciting and scary, right? Book a special coaching session with me and we will break down what you want in an agent, how to get just that, the agency scene in Chicago, and EVERY detail of submitting for an agent. I'll review your tools (demo, headshot, and resume) and help you make sure you are ready to get signed and start booking!

$70.00 for one hour. Virtual or in person! 

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2 Minute Professional

Demo Reel

Every actor should have a professional, industry standard demo reel. It is proven to up your chances of getting an agent and booking roles in general. Send me your clips or your full footage and I'll create a sleek, professional two minute demo reel that showcases YOU. Best rates in the city- $75.00 for a two minute reel. See some of my examples of reels I've done for clients HERE

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me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

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Monologue Coaching

Ah, the dreaded monologue. But it does't have to be! I'll help you work any contemporary or classic monologue to make it full of color, unique choices, and LIFE! Need help finding a monologue? I can help you with that, too! 

$38.00 per thirty minutes. 

Self Tape Edit

Just need someone to edit your slate and tape? I got you. Send me your tape and slate and I can edit, crop, mute background noise, and work some magic to have your tape ready and polished to submit! 

Only $25.50 per tape (includes slate plus tape, additional scenes and tapes extra)

Private Acting Lessons

Don't have a specific audition coming up, but just want to work on your craft? Are you a new actor who is hungry to just learn? Do you want to keep expanding your acting but don't have the time or funds to commit to a class right now? I've been there. Work one on one with me on developing your skills weekly, bi-weekly, whatever works for you! We can work on everything from cold reading, to creating a great self tape, to monologue work. Customized to fit YOUR needs and skillset. 

$180 for four  30 minute lessons.  

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